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Bolting Hydraulics caters on the complete flange management, joint assembly and separation. The variety of controlled tightening options caters to operation and maintenance, infrastructure construction enabling the work to be completed safely, efficiently and within stipulated time frame. We offer ultra high pressure (UHP) hydraulic pumps, couplings, nipples, hoses,pressuregouges and porting blocks. Working with extreme high pressures is a serious task. Extreme pressuredemands a high level of safety as leak or occidental  disconnection could cause
serious personal injury or damage to machinery.

Hydraulic CylinderReseal

Resealing a cylinder before a major  failure is oftentimes a wise investment.Repair indicators such as leaks and drift con be clues that it may be time to consider resealing as on option. Leaks ore a potential  ingresspoint for contaminants and also cause loss of fluid. In addition,a leak con allow air to enter a system. Drifting is another signal or potential issues and a proper reseal con produce measurable performance gains.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

in some instances, our thorough cylinder inspection process will reveal abnormalities that prohibit a simple hone and reseal. We will develop a repair pion to suit your needs. Many times, we con repair a component for a fraction of the cost of a new. In addition we con also repair or manufacture virtually any cylinder  omponent from scratch including barrels, rods,pistons and other attachments that meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Hydraulic CylinderRefurbish

Whenever there is a need for refurbishment or just seeking alternate source for hydraulic cylinders, Tools Depot con help by virtually refurbishing the complete system through our salvage ports recycling and retooling work.We ore able to manufacture ports near to OEM specifications. Even completely rusted out and worn ports con be rebuilt unless deemed beyond repair by our serviceengineers.


We adhere to stringent reseal process that will restore your hydraulic cylinder to OEM specifications. Our service engineers and technicians use the proper technology, tooling and equipment to ensure a sustainable repair every time. Here ore a few components of our services.Every cylinder is received in our wash boy and thoroughly cleaned of oil external contaminants.Cylinders will then be disassembled using non-destructive  methods to preserve the integrity of the cylinder.All internal and external ports ore cleaned to meet our stringent contamination control standards. A detailed inspection of all cylinder components is performed and documented.Barrel ore measured and inspected for size, roundness, straightness and significant bore damage.Rods ore inspected for size, roundness, straightness and chrome condition and thickness.Pistons, heads and glands ore scrutinized to ensure a proper fit for seals and rings.All components must meet or exceed Tools Depot or OEM standards.Prior to final assembly, we usually hone the barrel, polish the chrome rod and remove oil burrs.All components ore then washed super clean to meet our contamination control standards.Once final assembly is completed, the cylinder is tested, pointed and pocked accordingly.

When repair indicators ore present, changing of seals/ports or rebuilding a hydraulic pump is on economical
option, which restores the hydraulic system to optimum performance.
Repair includes:
Disassembly and inspection of foiled ports
• Evaluation of repair cost
Firm repair quote
Repair vs. new cost of replacement
Reseal I Repair
Performance of repaired pump/motor
Repair indicators:
Scheduled custom hydraulic service inspection
Oil leak
Pump not producing required output
Motor not producing required output torque/speed
S-0-S report indicates high level of metallic particles in oil
Excessive noise, heat or vibration

We usually assess components which needs to be removed. We will then facilitate to replace damaged
components such as hoses and fittings. We will label these components by numbering and lettering them, soreplacement of ports con be re-installed with ease. This may include housings, guards, clomps, gouges and more.It is usually recommended to replace oil these low value components to ovoid unecessory downtime in the event of leakages on site. We highly recommend all hydraulic fluid be replaced to maintain system efficiency. For best results, change hydraulic fluid once a year or every 500 hours of operation; whichever comes first.

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